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How History inspires the future

The way humans deal with available resources says a lot about the quality and sustainability of a society. The 5R Foundation takes up the complex issue of waste management and advocates for a sustainable, circular economy and a stable, resilient society that meets the challenges of the times.

The Foundation aims to create spaces for communication and knowledge transfer on the issue of waste, a resource to be valorized through art, culture, innovation and education. The five principles of zero waste – refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling and reinventing – shape their work. Acting according to these rules is to be promoted through artistic creation, innovation, education or circular eco-conceptualization.

With its particular history of waste, the Canton of Jura, as a pioneer in the clean-up of large contaminated sites, should help to further promote the need for a circular economy. The old lime factory with its mine next to the St-Ursanne railway station conveys the memory of the industrial past and the rehabilitated tunnels. The 5R Foundation proposes to recycle and reinvent this place itself. Saint-Ursanne, the pearl of the Jura, should support this goal as a small mediaeval attraction visited by many tourists.